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Provided we don't mind overlap. And we wouldn't.

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Thanks for the responses, folks.

Should we add a new category to the Bib called "Demos for Public Shows"?

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>I think that the fall into disrepute(?) of the vortex cannon had a lot to
>do with changes in the general physics curriculum over the past thirty
>years. Back in the 1960s fluid mechanics was a more important part of the
>curriculum, and even the subject of a large number of film loops. We
>obtained a large library of films illustrating fluid flow, including fluid
>vortexes, during the early 1970s. Promptly thereafter this topic was
>excised from the general physics curriculum in favor of more
>"contemporary" topics, such as sub-nuclear particles, superconductiviety,
>etc. The same thing happened a bit earlier with respect to sound.
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