Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 09:51:00 -0500

Author: Chuck Britton

Subject: Re:vortex cannon


At 7:56 AM -0500 11/19/02, Gerald Zani wrote:
>What physics does the vortex ring show?

Velocity, projectiles, momentum, wave propagation (solitons?)

> What class would need it, and why?

Less mathematical classes and then Low Temp classes studying
SuperFluid 4He. The 'roton' energy spectrum includes 'pinned'
vortices as well as 'ballistic' vortices.

>This demo was recently voted off the PIRA 200 list by the Bib
>committee because it is not pertinent to the classroom. No one can
>explain it. Is it purely demo show wow-er? Jerry

Just because you can't do the math, doesn't mean that it isn't important!
Navier-Stokes equations keep the airplanes up, even tho we have no
'decent' solutions for them.