Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 20:08:18 -0500

Author: "Dick Heckathorn"

Subject: RE: Vernier Lab Pro, Logger Pro



I am using both the Lab Pro and the Logger Pro software in my High
School Physics classroom. I really like it.

Yesterday with my honors class, I had them investigate Newton's 2nd Law
with a force sensor and an acceleration sensor. Graphs of force vs time,
acceleration vs time and Force vs acceleration are available. Taking the
slope of F vs a, they found upon unit analysis that it was a mass. Then
determining the mass of the apparatus, they found that it indeed was the
mass of the apparatus. Sixteen trials gave no greater than 3.7%
differential. Today, I could begin the discussion using their data a the
starting point.

With my regular students today, they investigated Newton's third law.
With two separate sensors, one measuring the action and the other the
reaction force, they found the magnitudes to be equal with the direction
being opposite. Tomorrow we begin the discussion of the 3rd law.

I would not be with out lab pro and logger pro.

Vernier does offer a manual with investigations. What is really neat is
that the manual is on disk which makes it easy to adapt.


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such a manner that it will talk back."

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