Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 11:42:43 -0500

Author: Andy Smith

Subject: Re:Pasco Lab Pro


Are you talking about Vernier's LabPro computer interface box? If so, I
would give it the thumbs up. We started using a set of them this year and
have found little problem. It has helped out in modernizing many of our
introductory lab experiments and has been used by students in advanced lab
to setup their own experiments.

The only negative mark I would pass on is the photogate modes when using the
LoggerPro software. The time delay between the actual measurement and the
display gets a little confusing.

All and all, a good piece of equipment. Currently, we only use them while
connected to computers, but I would like to try the calculator connection
next semester.

Andy Smith
Lab Supervisor/ Part-time Instructor
DePauw University Physics
Greencastle, IN

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> I'm trying to get a survey to find out who is using the Pasco Lab Pro at
> the college level.
> Can you guys help me?