Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 11:02:31 -0500

Author: Wolfgang Rueckner

Subject: Re:Click&Clack


No, it's not classified info! The show is taped every Wednesday.
Although it's not "live" when aired, nevertheless the taped show is
live in the sense that the callers are not rehearsed, scripted, or
(as far as I've been able to tell) edited. When you call in, you're
put on "hold" (but you hear everything that's going on the whole time
while you're waiting -- i.e., other calls, as well as the hosts) and
then you're given a cue when you're actually on. Wolfgang

>At 9:29 AM -0500 11/12/02, Wolfgang Rueckner wrote:
>>The program is syndicated and airs different times and days,
>>depending on your local NPR station. Here in the Boston area it's on
>>WBUR, Sat @ 11 am and 7 pm and again on Sun @ 6 pm.
>I know all that.
>What time is it when you call to talk to them, or is that classified
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