Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 18:25:26 -0700

Author: "Jeremy"

Subject: Selling CBL and other physics lab equipment -- no longer teaching AP Physics.



My wife and I recently retired from teaching high
school, and we are selling all the CBL stuff we won
from a grant. It's all in pretty good condition as we
only used it for about three years with AP students.

New CBL's run for around $170 brand new, and we would like
to sell the motion detectors, 3-g axis accelerometer and such
for 50% of what you would have to pay for brand new.

I slapped together a webpage using FrontPage and put
up info about all the stuff we are selling:

Shoot me an email if you interested. If enough ppl
are interested, I'll throw it up on ebay.
If someone bids me $1700 (it's worth $3400 brand new) for everything,
then I'll pay shipping
and escrow costs.