Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 17:41:46 -0500

Author: Vacek Miglus

Subject: Re: multimedia info


At 04:15 PM 11/5/2002, Urs wrote:
>This makes me remember that I am looking for a DVD video disk containing
>the sequence where one of the US astronauts drops a hammer and a feather on
>the moon. (Was it a feather of the great american eagle by the way?) Also I
>am looking for DVD video clip of good quality showing astronauts playing
>games in zero gravity. Any pointers? I am deliberately looking for DVDs and
>not conventional NTSC videos, because for the future I want to have
>everything in good quality digital form.

If it's from NASA it's public domain. So I looked.
On page

just below 167:22:02 time marker get the MPEG Clip by Kipp Teague (49 sec;
The other one (50 sec; 0.8Mb) is a quicker download but I couldn't see the
feather falling.