Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 17:35:21 -0500

Author: Vacek Miglus

Subject: Re: mod on eddy current


At 10:35 AM 11/7/2002, you wrote:
>First, roll the ball down a long piece of flat plastic. It's not very
>spectacular, you get just what you expect. Then roll it down a long
>piece of copper. I'm using a piece of 1/8" x 8" x 36" OFHC. The ball
>very slowly rolls down the new incline. Repeat this several times until
>the copper is vertical. It's just too cool!

It is just way cool! I went to the back room and got my 5/8" dia magnet
and rolled it down an Al channel. Worked great! Works even better as an
counter-intuitive inertia demo.

Place the "Ball Bearing" in a short piece of channel or on a small Cu
plate. Have your victim place their hands under the plate to catch the
bearing when you jerk the plate out from under the "bearing". Watch their