Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 14:13:26 -0400

Author: Stephen Irons

Subject: Vacuum Cannon question


Hi All,

I've just put together a vacuum cannon and I need advice on what the
best way to seal the ends is. I've used ordinary clear 3M packing tape
with some success, but the ordinary stuff isn't quite wide enough so I
have to put two pieces across each end to cover it(kind of a drag and it
is prone to leaks). Furthermore, if the cannon isn't fired
expeditiously, the tape eventually fails catastrophically and
unpredictably. I then tried ordinary heavy duty Reynolds (as suggested
by the NCSU website), but that failed almost as soon as I started to
pull the vacuum. Is there a heavier duty foil I should use? (I checked
MMC, but they appear to have only 0.001" thick which is the same as
Reynolds Heavy Duty).

Thanks for your help.


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