Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 10:33:12 -0400

Author: Andy Graham

Subject: E/M tube marker positions.


Good morning Tappers,

We purchased a replacement E/M tube from Sargent-Welch "several" years
ago. (What several means seems to be a function of age). The tube has a
number, 4460, but no other distinguishing numbers. One of our
professors asked me to find an "official" set of values for the metal
post positions which are used to determine the radius of the beam path.
Does anyone have values for the "newer" tubes. The description in the
current Sargent-Welch catalog indicates that they have changed to a tube
with a glass rod with hash marks, so I doubt they will be able to help
me. I will resort to calling them if no one here can help. Thanks in
advance. BTW, this is not the old 623 tube, for which I have values.

andy graham