Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 14:01:31 -0500

Author: "Cliff Bettis"

Subject: Rolling Objects and The Lecture Demonstration Workshop


I want to proudly announce the birth of a new demo here. I just got back a
collection of rolling objects from the machine shop. I was inspired by the
set I
saw Dale Stille show at the Boise Meeting during the Lecture Demonstration
Workshop. Dale also gave me some advice on their construction. The set was
used in class today for the first time and the Prof was very enthusiastic
about them (he's the dept. chairman, by the way, and during an era of budget
cuts, it doesn't hurt to impress the head guy!).

It seems that every year I attend the Workshop, I come home with a couple of
neat projects. I would encourage anyone no matter what your experience is to
try to attend one of these workshops. I am sure you will find it as
rewarding a professional experience as I have.

Cliff Bettis