Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 15:19:19 -0400

Author: "Warren Hein"

Subject: Mobile Physics Outreach


Mobile Physics Outreach

The APS Education Department is supporting a two-day Conference on Mobile
Physics Outreach on February 22-23, 2003. The Conference will begin with a
visit to the annual Little Shop of Physics open house in Fort Collins, CO
and follow it with a conference.

The goal of the Conference is to bring physics faculty together to
demonstrate, promote, and disseminate the many approaches to Mobile Physics
Outreach. The participants in the Conference will consist of ten people who
are experts in the field of Mobile Physics Outreach and 15-30 people who
want to learn more about activities that they can initiate on their home
campus. Forty people will be invited, but the opportunity to attend the
conference will be available to all who inquire. We expect that most
attendees will pay their own way, but we will be able to offer partial
support to at least 25 participants.

After the Conference, APS will develop a database of mobile physics
outreach programs across the country. In order to foster increased
communication, cooperation and sharing of ideas among different programs, we
plan to engage in the following activities:

Developing a blueprint for How to do Mobile Physics and plan to get more
universities involved
Setting up a listserv, for sharing ideas, collecting data and information
with people doing similar programs
Continuing conferences, meetings and workshops devoted to Mobile Physics
Disseminating future funding opportunities
Maintaining an interactive Website for all those who want to learn more
about Mobile Physics Outreach
Fund exchange campus visits to get first-hand information on what people
are doing.

If you are interested, please call or send an email to
Fredrick Stein, APS director of education

Dr. Fredrick M. Stein
Director of Education and Outreach
American Physical Society
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740-3844
(301) 209-3263
(301) 209-0865 fax