Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 13:36:15 -0400

Author: "Jason St. John"

Subject: NIB magnets from George


Hey, folks.

I just got off the phone with George Mizzell from Engineered Concepts, the
folks who bring us very large, powerful permanent magnets of NdFeB.
Turns out he has a supplier for these things who can cheaply deliver
odd-geometry magnets of high strength, such as 4" x 4" x 5/8", which would
give a nice, flat, high-flux field for demos. He seems happy to get
quotes on any geometry and magnetization. I'm not at all sure, but I think
the supplier is in China.

He regularly gets coatings of Ni (actually three layers: Ni-Cu-Ni), Ag, or
Au put on these things. The precious metals don't chip off after the
inevitable collisions like the nickel does.

If you talk to George, whose number you can find at, you should know that he's also
had good success using magnets therapeutically, and investigates a little
fringe science such as free energy from fields (like the slingshot effect
of two magnets rolling together at slight transverse offset, or space
probes that slingshot past massive bodies to boost speed). You may have
a physics lesson on your hands if such subjects come up.

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