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When the apparatus is set up in the PIRA room, why not take digital
photographs of the apparatus. Put in a ruler or two to show approximate
size. Then make the photos and a short description available for all on
the web. I'm sure there are some great ideas.


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William Beaty wrote:

> On Tue, 9 Jul 2002, Sam Sampere wrote:
> > In order to enter the apparatus competition, you have to be an AAPT
> > member or be sponsored by an AAPT member.
> I just re-upped (to save money on the conference price.) I've been in
> AAPT on and off over the years.
> > I have a better idea though. Why don't you bring a bunch of your
> > and set it up in the PIRA Resource Room? How does that sound to
> > everybody? How does that sound to you Bill?
> I can comb through my pile and probably find ten or twenty interesting
> things which aren't quite suited to the app. competition.
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