Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 10:03:26 -0700

Author: Doug Johnson

Subject: Final Meeting List7/31 and Special info



For those going to the Boise Meeting, look for me at the conference. I
have a PIRA sticker for your name badge also I have a CD for each of you to
take home. On the CD I have the PIRA Universal Demo Project jpegs, the
PIRA 200 Demos in jpegs and a few other neat pictures and files. That is
400 plus demos to look through. Don't miss your free copy! (Mac and PC
friendly, most files)

Also, just a reminder, the Universal Demo Project is for everyone to
contribute to during the year. Every Summer Meeting I will be publishing a
CD with all the latest demos. All of which may end up on the web, but this
will be your own personal copy. A sample of the first 50 demos are on
display at this website Anyone who
wants a blank Universal Demo Form so they can contribute, please send me a
note directly. Everyone who submits, gets a free copy.

Thanks to those who contributed this year,

Dick Berg
Jolene Houser

PS.. Some of those coming will miss this message, please spread the word!

Other Important Meeting Notes;

A. Friday night, meet at Tablerock Brew Pub and Grill around 9pm.

B. Bring something for the PIRA Resource Room! (Bergquist Lounge M,T,W)

C. The PIRA business meeting is Monday 9:15 to 10:30 PM (Ada Hatch A)


41 NAMES - Updated Meeting List 7/31/02


Annie Atiyeh annie_atiyeh@HMC.Edu University Inn

Eric Ayars BSU Dorms

Bill Beaty BSU Dorms

Kelly V. Beck Courtyard by Marriott

Adam Beehler

Clarence Bennett

Cliff Bettis

Machele Cable BSU -Chaffee/Fri 7:10

Dennis Henry University Inn /(M-T-W Only)

Jerry DiMarco

David Haley Chaffee Dorms/Fri 8:30pm

Dennis Henry

Jerry Hester Owyhee Plaza

Dean Hudek University Inn

Stephen Irons

Douglas Johnson BSU Chaffee Friday Noon

David Kardelis BSU Campus Housing

Roger Key

Anthony Lapinski University Inn

David Maiullo University Inn

Michael McFarland

Bill McNairy BSU Dorms

Vacek Miglus

Peter Nelson BSU Dorms

Tony Papirio

Zig Peacock BSU Dorms

Wayne Peterson

Sam Sampere Owyahee

Tom Senior

Scott Shelley

Ken Silva University Inn

Jason St. John

Terry Singleton Terry.Singleton@Phys.UAlberta.CA BSU Dorms - Fri PM

Dale Stille Courtyard by Marriott

Ramón Torres Courtyard by Marriott

Karl I. Trappe Courtyard by Marriott

Duane Warn

Mary Winn

Steve Wonnell

Andrew Yue Courtyard by Marriott

Jerry Zani University Inn


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Pictures from Summer 1999 AAPT meeting in San Antonio, Texas...

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