Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 12:29:31 -0500

Author: Cliff Bettis

Subject: Re: Household radioactivity was Re: "Lightning detector"


Not to discourage anyone, but I have been given a scrutiny by security for
carrying a Geiger counter on a plane (fortunately they didn't notice the
sources!) and that was before the current era of increased security. As far
as what might bother you, I think having a counter on near an airport X-ray
machine is more worrisome (ask permission before you try this).

Cliff (who is driving to Boise)

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Subject: Re: Household radioactivity was Re: "Lightning detector"

> On Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Richard Berg wrote:
> > Zig,
> >
> > Have you ever seen any evidence of damage to film that was left in the
> > camera for a long time? Or is the activity way to low?
> Leave film in a commercial jet. Hey, that's right! Anyone who is flying
> to Boise should bring along a geiger counter. If you want to scare
> yourself, leave it clicking during takeoff. A few miles high, the
> backround radiation is hundreds of counts per minute. To simulate life in
> Mexico City, just tape lantern-mantles all over your body.
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