Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 08:29:50 -0700 (PDT)

Author: Matt Jusinski

Subject: Re: Radioactivity Kit


> Years ago I purchased several boxes of a
> Radioactivity Analog experiment
> from Cappie Capecelatro. The kit contained
> tetrahedral, cubic,
> icosahedral, and dodecahedral dice along with
> spheres to
> simulate radioactive decay

More than ten years ago Cappy told me that the lab
manuals that used his apparatus had dropped the
activity using his radioactivity kit. Demand for the
product had declined. Back then it had been listed in
one of the catalogs (SW?) but very, very few were

Cappy died four or five years ago. I recall a
relative in Vermont taking an interest in the
Radioactivity Dice kits, but I don't think any more
were made.

I'm told that similar dice are sold in book stores
that specialize in fantasy role-playing games.

Matt Jusinski, Morris Knolls HS, Rockaway, NJ

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