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Author: Dick Heckathorn

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I have used many size wooden hoops from Walmart. But most of them will
not work.

What you need to do is take the hoops to a table or place them on the
floor. When you find one that does not fall over, it is a keeper.

Next let it roll back and forth until it reaches equilibrium. Mark the
bottom most point. Always place the hoop on a pop bottle with this point

I use chalk on top of the hoop. It breaks into many pieces when a
student does not do it right. When it is done right, the chalk drops
right into the bottle and usually does not break.

Hope this helps. Dick

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Hi George,
I use hoops made by cutting cylinders 1 cm wide from PVC pipe of
12 cm of diameter, and I balance a short pencil , about half the length
common pencils. It is easier to balance it if you hold slightly the
and rotate it slowly to find the right position of the flat end of the
pencil on the hoop.
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"George M. Caplan" wrote:

> I am trying to do the embroidery hoop inertia demo.
> I have bought a metal embroidery hoop -- the largest metal one I could
> find at Ames. It is 20 cm in diameter.
> I can easily balance it on a soda bottle, but I cannot balance
> a pen or a pencil or a straw on the top of the hoop.
> What should I do?
> My wife says that largest hoops are available at sewing stores. Is
> what I need?
> How about a wooden hoop? Do they work better?