Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2002 12:51:09 -0400

Author: "Reid, John"

Subject: RE: Embroidery Hoop Demo


I use Pilot Precise Rolling Ball V5 Extra Fine Pens.
Both ends are flat and easy to balance.

I used wooden hoops. 9 inches seem to work well. It's also
more easy to balance with the smaller hoops. However, I find
the problem with wooden hoops is that it's hard to find ones
that aren't warped. (I usualy sit on the floor in the crafts
section playing with the hoops til I find a good one. I get
weird looks.)

I also make a mark on the hoops where the pen should be placed.
This helps to get it balanced and saves time. Until I show them
the little marks I make, people are amazed at how easy I set it up
compared to them.

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Subject: Embroidery Hoop Demo

I am trying to do the embroidery hoop inertia demo.
I have bought a metal embroidery hoop -- the largest metal one I could
find at Ames. It is 20 cm in diameter.
I can easily balance it on a soda bottle, but I cannot balance
a pen or a pencil or a straw on the top of the hoop.
What should I do?
My wife says that largest hoops are available at sewing stores. Is that
what I need?
How about a wooden hoop? Do they work better?