Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 16:17:33 -0400

Author: Nils Sorensen

Subject: B+W CCD Cameras


Hello Tappers,

I have been looking into getting a second black and white ccd
camera to display demos. We have a 330 and it works great. Then I
noticed the next level up.

WV-BP330 $165
WV-BP550 $380

view at:

They are identical except the 550 has a 32X dynamic range. What does that mean?
I wrote to the company and they said...

At 6:44 PM -0400 6/21/02, Taraska, Bob wrote:
>Dear Nils,
>The dynamic range of a camera is defined as the useful camera light range
>from highlight to shadow. The WV-BP550 has Super Dynamic mode which allows
>the camera to adjust between highlight and low light conditions with a
>maximum of 32X. When the Super D mode is enabled there is more photometric
>weight in the center of the screen. The Super Dynamic mode can be manually
>adjusted in the camera menu. The Super D mode can be turned off and on in
>the camera set up menu.
>Bob Taraska
>Tech Support

Sounds like a pricey auto gain control. Does any one have experience
with these cameras? Is it worth the huge price jump?

What cameras are being used out there and do you have any suggestions?

If you need a B+W camera cheap the WV-BP134 is only $60.