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Author: Dick Heckathorn

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A ready source of drum heads that are very easy to come by is from a
business that rents drums. The one near me changes drum heads after each
rental. They throw away the used ones.


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The only thing to add to all the good responses you have triggered is:

Be VERY quick about hitting it from the inside and it will always work.

You are, of course, only using the INNER hoop of the two part set.
Seran Wrap on the whole thing lets you model the ear drum or vibrational
modes of a drum head under strobe. I find the larger wood hoops best for
all these uses. When the chalk falls from a greater height and still
the coke bottle (or the lab stand bench socket) it is all the more

Tom Ford

At 11:36 AM 6/2/02 -0400, you wrote:
>I am trying to do the embroidery hoop inertia demo.
>I have bought a metal embroidery hoop -- the largest metal one I could
>find at Ames. It is 20 cm in diameter.
>I can easily balance it on a soda bottle, but I cannot balance
>a pen or a pencil or a straw on the top of the hoop.
>What should I do?
>My wife says that largest hoops are available at sewing stores. Is that
>what I need?
>How about a wooden hoop? Do they work better?