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Author: Michael Thomason

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I think Jerry is looking for a less expensive supply without the
regulation and all the features of the Agilent E3633A.

However, I know what you mean about being hooked on these new DC
supplies. I chose to invest in the Xantrex supplies,, over Agilent. The
Xantrex supplies are tinier, offer a wider selection of current/voltage
combinations, have separate ten-turn potentiometers for both current and
voltage, and have larger LEDs.

For instance, the Xantrex XHR33-33,, has both the voltage and
current Jerry is asking for. The large bright LEDs (unlike LCDs)
eliminate the need for separate displays of the voltage or current in
classrooms. In lecture halls, some lecturers prefer to have a volunteer
from the front rows read off the voltage and current values for the rest
of the class rather than bother with larger meter displays.

Michael Thomason, Director, Physics Learning Laboratories
University of Colorado, Boulder, Department of Physics

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We are hooked on the digital powers supplies from Agilent, model #
E3633A for $956. It will do 8v/20A or 20v/10A. Not sure if this is close
enough to what you are looking for, but wanted to let others know we
LOVE these!

Kail Secrest
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> Tappers,
> I would like to buy a 25 volt 25 amp variable DC power supply. It
> should simply consist of an on-off switch, a high current variac, a
> high current bridge, and a filter capacitor.
> Does anyone know where to get a variable DC supply this simple?
> Most power supplies have lower power and a lot more regulation. I
> don't mind having the ripple on the DC. I want 625 Watts power and
> low regulation. Mcmaster-Carr has manual battery chargers that are
> similar to this. But they do not have a variac so they're not
> variable, and they don't have a cap so they produce pulsating DC.
> Does anyone know where to get one like I described?
> Thanks.
> Can't wait for Boise!
> Jerry
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