Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 15:22:54 -0400

Author: kail secrest

Subject: Re: Power Supply


We are hooked on the digital powers supplies from Agilent, model # E3633A
for $956. It will do 8v/20A or 20v/10A. Not sure if this is close enough to
what you are looking for, but wanted to let others know we LOVE these!

Kail Secrest
Ohio Wesleyan University-Physics Dept.
Delaware, Oh 43015
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> Tappers,
> I would like to buy a 25 volt 25 amp variable DC power supply.
> It should simply consist of an on-off switch, a high current variac,
> a high current bridge, and a filter capacitor.
> Does anyone know where to get a variable DC supply this simple?
> Most power supplies have lower power and a lot more regulation.
> I don't mind having the ripple on the DC. I want 625 Watts power and low
> regulation.
> Mcmaster-Carr has manual battery chargers that are similar to this.
> But they do not have a variac so they're not variable, and they don't have
> a cap so they produce pulsating DC.
> Does anyone know where to get one like I described?
> Thanks.
> Can't wait for Boise!
> Jerry
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