Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 09:48:34 -0700

Author: Roger Key

Subject: Re: Software for Creating Lab Manuals


We also use Word, and include figures generated (seldom) in Excel or
other graphing programs.

I get around the page numbering, header/footer problems two different
ways depending on the document.

1 - our photocopier will print page numbers on the copies - so I make an
original without page numbers and

run it through the copier once to get the page numbers on it before final
printing.  Header and footer are individualized

for each lab document included in the larger package.  We use a
footer in the lower right corner which includes

the name of the course and lab activity, and date last

2 - Before our copier came that would put on the page numbers, I did
something similar by printing the original

without page numbers, inserting all the extra stuff, like graph paper,
data tables from excel etc. then I would make a

90 page or so empty document (but with page numbers) in word and run the
original through the printer again while

printing that empty doc. 

Both of these methods require one to be careful about document margins at
the bottom of the pages so that the

page numbers don't overlap the text at the bottom of the page (oh, yeah,
we put the page numbers bottom center).

hope this helps ....


- At 09:50 AM 5/6/2002 -0400, you wrote:

I use Word, but put each lab into a
different document to battle the 50+ pages

problem. Of course, this means a little more work on the page


"George M. Caplan" wrote:

> I am using MS Word to create lab manuals, which are often more

> 80 pages. It cannot do some of the things I want it to do (e.g. put

> footer where I want it

> on a page in landscape mode). Several times I have been told that
Word is

> not

> good for big documents like these -- especially when they have
diagrams in

> them.

> Have you all used other software? Framemaker? Quark Expires?

> Also, have you all tried LaTex?


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