Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 10:26:22 -0400

Author: Andy Graham

Subject: Re: Software for Creating Lab Manuals



We have been using PageMaker, originally by Aldus, now Adobe, for about 15
years. It is a true desktop publishing software, easily handling large
documents. I won't use anything else. I have used Word and LaTeX for
graphics intensive books (over 100 pages), and I don't recommend them. LaTeX
certainly has the capabilities, but learning formatting commands may take
more time than you want to invest.

BTW, PageMaker will import your documents from other programs, such as Word,
with out loosing much of the original formatting.


"George M. Caplan" wrote:

> I am using MS Word to create lab manuals, which are often more than
> 80 pages. It cannot do some of the things I want it to do (e.g. put the
> footer where I want it
> on a page in landscape mode). Several times I have been told that Word is
> not
> good for big documents like these -- especially when they have diagrams in
> them.
> Have you all used other software? Framemaker? Quark Expires? etc.
> Also, have you all tried LaTex?