Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 09:51:32 -0400

Author: "J. Terrence Klopcic"

Subject: Re: Stopping Power


Hi Duane,

Your report (attached) stirred some lively commentary. Thanks.

To inject my (admittedly unsolicited) two cents, I expect that the radio
advertisement really meant to use MASS, rather than WEIGHT. (Civilians tend
not to know the difference.) Then the quantity of interest becomes MASS x
VELOCITY which is (change in) MOMENTUM. Change in MOMENTUM = IMPULSE =
FORCE x TIME. Aha! We see the reason for using seat belts. By strapping
onto parts of the anatomy that can conform somewhat, the time of application
of force is increased, thus significantly decreasing the magnitude of force
required to produce the change in momentum that necessarily accompanies the
stopping of a moving body.

(In addition, bruises look better on the shoulder than on the nose.)

And, in fact, I don't know of a special name, like "Newton", that is given
to a kilogram-meter-per-second. We could call it the "Duane" since you
brought it to our collective attention. Or maybe calling it the "Tap-L"
would be more modest; I don't think the abbreviation Tpl is being used for
any other entity.



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From: Duane Warn
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Subject: Stopping Power

Hi all,

The new advertisement on the radio for wearing seat belts uses

Stopping Power.

Stopping Power = Speed X Weight .... It's simple physics!

I think this should be added to the set of new SI units.


Boise State U.