Date: Sun, 05 May 2002 07:23:49 -0400


Subject: Re: Software for Creating Lab Manuals



I too have used a word processor (Word Perfect) to write all of our
lab manuals. Like Word, the software has a problem dealing with large
documents. I worked around the problem by setting up a document
template and then typing each section as a separate file. This
allowed formatting to occur easier...changing one page 1 did not
affect page 100. The only minor thing was to be aware of the page
numbering and book-binding margins associated with each file. Not
really too big a deal.

Hope this helps.

> I am using MS Word to create lab manuals, which are often more than
> 80 pages. It cannot do some of the things I want it to do (e.g. put
> footer where I want it
> on a page in landscape mode). Several times I have been told that
Word is
> not
> good for big documents like these -- especially when they have
diagrams in
> them.
> Have you all used other software? Framemaker? Quark Expires? etc.
> Also, have you all tried LaTex?