Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 15:36:06 -0700

Author: Paul Doherty

Subject: Re: units of measurement


So I went to sweden a decade ago and saw some woodworkers putting up a wall.
It looked like they were using 2 by 4's, so, interested in what the metric
name for a 2 by 4 was, I asked.

To my surprise they answered: We call it a 2 by 4 !
I responded wow, that has nothing to do with its metric dimensions.
they responded, it has nothing to do with the english dimensions either.

So call it a 2 by 4 and realize its just a name and you have to know its
dimensions as a separate factoid.

Ten years later I asked the same question, they said that the same piece of
wood was now called a 100 by 50. Metric units now rule. Of course the piece
of wood is not 100 mm by 50 mm either.

Paul D