Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 15:25:34 -0500 (CDT)

Author: Paul Nord

Subject: Re: units of measurement


Sorry, I forgot that may of you are sheltered city dwellers. Out in the
rural areas most counties use a grid system to label roads. The road at
Zero is often called "Center" or "Meridian". The road at the edge of the
county is called, "County Line", though it often has several designations.
If I were giving you directions to my house I would tell you to come down
highway 49 and turn west on highway 6. After about 1/2 mile you come to a
stoplight at "Meridian." Go another two miles and you'll come to my road,
"200 West." If you note the address of the house on the corner, you'll
see that it's 714N. That tells you that my house is 1.48 miles north of
the highway.

So the problem IS that when all odometers become metric, all the hard work
that the county did to create the roads in a logical grid becomes useless.
You odometer gives you precise information to find your way around the
county. But if it reads in km, it's almost useless.

Also, my house is built with standard construction materials. The studs
are set 16" on center. If it need to install a new vent, I can buy the
materials that will fit in this space nicely. They are LABELED to show
that their design conforms to this construction method. If you eliminate
this labeling, it will be a LOT more trouble to do home repairs. This
seems to be a problem that the Ausie and EU laws will create. Or should I
move all the studs in my house to uniform metric intervals?


On Thu, 2 May 2002, wrote:

> Even so, I see no reason why your lat-long address or survey markers or
> milestones would need
> to be changed when the whole country officially goes metric. There
> will always be fields of endeavor (surveyors, horse racers,
> astronomers,
> computer designers, carpenters and woodworkers, songwriters, etc.) in
> which non-metric units are traditionally used.