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Paul, how do you tell your address to folks who want to visit you but who don't have the requisite county map? I've never heard of such a rural address. All the rural places I know of have addresses such as Box 23, Route 45. These are good not only for the mailman and newspaper delivery man but also for those who want to serve you with a warrant. The rural routes all have road signs revealing their route number.

Even so, I see no reason why your lat-long address or survey markers or milestones would need

to be changed when the whole country officially goes metric. There will always be fields of endeavor (surveyors, horse racers, astronomers, computer designers, carpenters and woodworkers, songwriters, etc.) in which non-metric units are traditionally used.

My boss was born and raised in Chile. He can't understand why I use English units in my wood shop even though I claim to be a scientist and teach my students the metric system.


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Subject: Re: units of measurement

I suppose so. Do tell me one thing, though... I live in the country. My
address is 862N 200W; a grid location on the country map -- which was laid
out and surveyed a hundred years ago by the USGS. I live on a road that's
2 miles west of the county courthouse, my house is 8.62 miles north of it.
Does your metrication plan include money to move all the roads? Or do I
me 1
380N 320W?

In fact, the USGS set survey markers in every square mile of the country.
They mark the location in degrees (I think) and elevation in feet. Are
you planning to move those, too?


On Thu, 2 May 2002, James Frysinger wrote:

> Maybe they knew that they were going to have bad luck with it once they
> handed it to Congress.....
> Jim
> On Thursday, 2002 May 02 1156, you wrote:
> > Gee, ya think that they could-a got it into a "10-volume" report.
> >
> > PN
> >
> On T
hu, 2 May 2002, James Frysinger wrote:
> > > The United States Metric Study, initiated in 1968 as directed by
> > > Congress, was completed in 1971. It's report to Congress was titled,
> > > "Report to the Congress: A Metric America, A Decision Whose Time Has
> > > Come". This 13-volume report concluded that the U.S. should go metric and
> > > should do so in a deliberate manner over a 10 year period through a
> > > carefully controlled national program.

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