Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 21:32:21 -0400

Author: Ed Sabol

Subject: Re: One Ring To Rule Them All...


How would one post a graphic w/o an attachment.

I was thinking a picture of my Roundtuit would fit it here.

Ed Sabol
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Subject: Re: One Ring To Rule Them All...

> So, the "Gotta" shows up somewhere between the "Giga" and the "Google"?
> Where does the "Gotit" fit in? I've often heard it used as a prediction
> of the time it will take for a softball to cause them serious injury.
> "Gotit!" they shout as they run towards the ball. The ball strikes them
> a short while later (one Gotit Second, I presume) and then, dispite their
> obvious injury, they are able to convert the time interval quickly into a
> frequency and exclaim, "Gotit Hertz!"
> PN
> On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, James Frysinger wrote:
> > Gotta is a prefix for a very large multiplier, but it is applied only to
> > units relating to need, budgetary requests, or pain. In the latter
> > application it is inversely related to the ohno prefix used with units
> > urgency or time, as in ohnoseconds.