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Author: Machele Cable

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I've emailed him back asking where to get sounds nice. When I find
it, I'll post it for sure!


Kossom wrote:

> Do you think we could get a copy?
> Marc "Zeke" Kossover
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> Hey, this might be a better answer than my drawings....
> Chele
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> Subject: Circuit components
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> From: "Roger L. Morehouse"
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> Your message to tap-l was forwarded to me by Doug Johnson, our chief
> tech. For many years we have used a True Type font with all the
> electric,
> transistor, and digital components included . It is designed to allow
> the
> complete circuits to be typed directly in WORD or as text in a drawing
> program. The circuits are constrained to a grid, but it turns out not
> to
> be too disturbing a restriction. The font includes meters, shielding,
> field
> effect and bipolar transistors in all reasonable orientations to
> facilitate
> the construction of circuits. The only problem is that on the screen
> the
> font hinting done by the computer sometimes causes circuit elements to
> appear to shift one pixel (up, down, left, or right) from the actual
> position. The components align correctly in printing due to the higher
> resolution of the printers.
> Roger Morehouse
> Professor of Physics,
> Cal Poly, Pomona

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