Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 09:28:16 -0500

Author: Duane Pontius

Subject: room


>Oh yes, it is. We're moving into a new building, and my new prep
>room will be 2/3 the
>size of the old one, which everybody agreed was overcrowded. It is
>not pleasant.
>John McIntyre
>Physics - Astronomy Domine Dept
>Michigan State University

My symapthies. I've also just been moved into a smaller room too,
which will require sorting through demos all summer (fortunately, no
classes till Fall). Some of the bigger demos will simply have to be
stored elsewhere and moved over when needed. This is just as I got
inspired by y'all Big Boys to scale-up some of the equipment, such as
going from crushing 1 gallon cans to 50 gallon drums for the
atmospheric pressure demo.