Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 19:31:07 -0700

Author: Roger Key

Subject: Re: Introducing... August Amber Nord


Congratulations Paul, and happy beginning of summer to all ..... They say
the third time is the charm *smile* (we just had our third in January,
which is why I've been so quiet too .....) VERY GLAD to hear all involved
are doing well. Are you coming to Boise? BRING PICTURES! *WINK*

- Roger

At 01:34 PM 5/25/02 -0500, you wrote:

>It's a girl.
>Born at 9:21 PM last night (May 24th, 2002).
>August is 8.4 pounds, and 21 inches long.
>Mommy and baby are both doing well.
>Brother Micah (now 5) and sister Melodie (1.5) are both excited. Micah
>had wanted a brother, but this way he wont have to share his room.
>And, before you ask... August was a good month. Better than the one
>that followed. The end of an era that we will have to tell her of some
>Pictures on very soon. Don't miss
>the graph showing contraction time apart vs. time.