Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 13:10:26 -0400

Author: Machele Cable

Subject: Re: Kick Dis Power Puck


They use a molecular gas thing that goes on the overhead...its way
cool...uses different sized BBs. The other stuff is usually shown in
simulations. Personally, I think a field trip to the local pool hall would
be better, but, they decide what they like and since the air table is too
big for me to move by myself, I don't complain....much...


"Zigmund J. Peacock" wrote:

> Machele, shame on you!
> How do you do things like compressing a gas system, or really cool
> multiple body collisions. Zig
> Machele Cable wrote:
> > (we've got one and I've never used it in my 5 years here).
> >
> > Chele
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