Date: Wed, 01 May 2002 16:18:32 -0400

Author: Nils Sorensen

Subject: Re: Cavendish Replacement Wire


Hello Karl,

Thanks for the wire. It arrived in time for me to string it
up, measure the spring constant and then do the demonstration.
Unfortunately I think I asked you for the wrong wire. This .001 x
.013 stuff is wide enough that the Cavendish only deviates a few
centimeters over 20 or so feet. Not really enough to be noticed by a
entire hall full of people. Any chance I could swap for some of the
thinner stuff (0.0007 x 0.005 Phosphor Bronze)? I have all of the
original wire minus 10 inches (I attached it on my fist try!) and can
send this right back. Thanks


>Andrew just located the box of suspensions. Most are Leeds and
>Northrup ballistic galvanometer suspensions made of 0.003 gold
>strips, some are .002 gold, some are 0.0015 gold spring. I had
>used these when I originally set up the old Leybold apparatus, and
>*that* is why I do not do this demo!!!
>However, there were a couple of spools of 10 foot Ribbon
>Suspension, Cenco part #82285-2 of 0.0007 x 0.005 Phosphor Bronze!
>There are two rolls of 0.001 x 0.013 Phosphor Bronze , Cenco #
>While we're at it, I have a couple of replacement ballistic
>galvanometer coils with mirrors. Eat your hearts out junk
>Nils, let me know if you want to try any of this. Karl
>> Yesterday we managed to snap our last wire to the old Leybold
>>Cavendish apparatus. I called Klinger Ed. Products and they said
>>that Leybold no longer sells that replacement bronze wire (actually
>>a flat ribbon). They only sell a replacement for their newer
>>Cavendish. They even said that if you call to order the new
>>Cavendish they will give you 20% off because they discontinued
>>these items. Anyway, can someone suggest a distributor of ultra
>>fine bronze ribbon. I also heard that amorphous metallic ribbon
>>could be used instead. Any ideas on how to fix this would be
>>greatly appreciated. Thanks
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