Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 13:44:08 -0400

Author: Machele Cable

Subject: Re: Hello and suggestions for a chaotic lab


Welcome Stephen (or is it Steve?). As secretary and webmaster for PIRA, its
my sworn duty to bug you about becoming a PIRA, or Physics
Instructional Resource Association, is a group of people, such as those on
this list, who work with labs and demos. Its open to all levels of
education, but is primarily made up of university level people. We sponsor
the 2-day demo workshop at the AAPT meeting and also have started lab

Anyway, feel free to check us out and email me if you have any questions!
Again, welcome to the list!


Stephen Irons wrote:

> Hello all,
> I was alerted to this forum by Dick Berg whom I visited earlier this
> semester. I am the quite new (as of last July) Director of Yale's
> Physics Instructional Laboratories. I took over from Don Shirer, (who I
> am sure some of you know) who retired last year. I am planning on being
> at Boise this summer, so I hope to meet some/all of you there.
> I am interested in developing a lab unit on chaotic motion for our
> advanced introductory lab section (taken by 1st or second year physics
> or engineering majors). I have looked over the recent AJP article (AJP
> 69, (9) p. 1016 2001) and it looks like a good model to work from. But I
> thought I might ask you all whether any of have anything different that
> works. We have a good stock of Vernier's LabPro interfaces, so I would
> probably try and use that data collection system, but after that, I'm
> open to ideas.
> Thanks again for your input. I've enjoyed the repartee and have already
> gotten some good ideas from your discussions.
> Best regards,
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