Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 12:01:16 -0700

Author: Prep Room Staff

Subject: Re: LabVIEW for LabPro? (was: LabVIEW Pricing? What to get?)


> One problem with the LabPro's is that they only support serial
>(RS232) for anything other than their LoggerPro software. Talking
>to David Vernier last year, it does not appear that they will be
>able to support USB with LabVIEW. This limits the LabPro to about
>2-3 samples
>per second maximum in command/response mode.


Not True, it works with Mac's. In fact the Student Version of LabVIEW
works with LabPro, using Verniers drivers! In our Intermediate Lab
course we spend about a quarter on LabVIEW, In one of the labs we
build a simple data aquisition VI that we interface with LabPro. (we
also build a digital scope but we use NI's Data aquisition boards to
handle this) Anyway my point is that I wrote the simple DAQ with the
student version with a powerbook and it worked really well, via the
USB port.
Just thought it might be useful.