Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 11:09:02 -0700

Author: John Gastineau

Subject: Re: LabView for LabPro? (was: LabView Pricing? What to get?)


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>>> 05/16/02 10:14AM >>>
One problem with the LabPro's is that they only support serial
(RS232) for anything other than their Logger Pro software. Talking to

David Vernier last year, it does not appear that they will be able to
support USB with LabView. This limits the LabPro to about 2-3 samples
per second maximum in command/response mode.

We do support the USB port of LabPro with LabView when used with

However, even with the serial port and Windows, full speed data
collection is possible using the badly-named "non real time" mode. That
just means that the data are collected at the proper rate, but are
delivered to the computer at a slower rate.

I will make sure that Dave V sees your whole message.