Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 13:50:43 -0500

Author: Kossom

Subject: strobe


I have a Digistrobe strobe light made by Ametek. In my first class it was
working fine. The next class it wouldn't function.

Here are its symptoms. I turn on the strobe and it flashes once, twice or
three times, but then goes dead. When I turn off the strobe it flashes once
more. The digital flashrate read out of the strobe works the whole time. It
has a port to sync with an external source, but I don't have the connector.

The bottom of the unit warns against openning it up, saying that lethal
voltages and currents can persist even after being unplugged. On the other
hand, it mentions that most problems will likely be caused by a wonky flash
tube, and that I should replace that first. I don't have another flash tube.
How can I check it to see if its working?

Any ideas?

Marc Kossover