Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 15:52:10 -0400

Author: kail secrest

Subject: Re: Eye Model


This is a subject I know A LOT about!
We had these on order for almost 2 years! We finally got them last fall
after many, many, calls to them.
What happened is that the company that made them (somewhere in Asia) burned
down and they lost the plans on how to make them. When they finally got the
place up and running again, the permanently mounted lens they installed was
the wrong focal length. We sent it back only to wait a longer time for them
to correct the problem. When we did finally receive them a year later, they
still were not the same focal length as our other older eyes, but they were
tolerable, plus we got sick of false promises and all the phone calls we had
to make.
I forget the guys name who was the technical person who knows the whole
story, I guess I kinda wanted to forget all that. LOL! If you want I can try
to see if I can find his name somewhere, because the sales people don't know
the whole story.
So, to answer your question, they had MANY on backorder and I don't know
whether they still have some, but when you do get them, know that the lens
is completely different.

Kail Secrest
Ohio Wesleyan University-Physics Dept.
Delaware, Oh 43015
fax: 740-368-3999

> I am looking for six "Cenco" Complete Ingersoll Eye Model to purchase
> for our physics labs.CENCO have stop production for a few months.
> Help I need these items soon.
> Bill Talbert