Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 07:26:49 -0500

Author: Kossom

Subject: RE: "Radar" BAseball


The one I have looks like a regular baseball, but it is heavier and has a
small LCD screen.

To activate it, the thrower presses the cover of the ball which presses a
button underneath. A timer starts when the button is released, and stop when
the ball undergoes a moderate acceleration. I think that the dectector is
fairly simple, as some axes of acceleration won't stop the timer.

The LCD then displays the time in seconds and the speed in mi/hr or km/hr.
How can it display the speed? The computer assumes that the ball was thrown
60 feet 6 inches.

My students seem to like it, but find the fact it assumes that the ball was
thrown to home plate irritating. I like for precisely the same reason as it
seems to teach a fair bit about what speed is really all about.

Marc "Zeke" Kossover