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Author: Dick Heckathorn

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I have not seen any lately. Fifteen to twenty years ago I was able to
buy two baseballs that would give the time from when you released the
ball until it would hit the floor or table. They were great for timing
the drop for a given distance. The batteries went dead after awhile.
Took time to cut the stitches, insert a new battery and sew it up again.
But it still works.

I have my students calculate the acceleration of the hammer on the moon
from a video that I have using a stopwatch. I then drop a hammer (here
on earth!!!) and they time and calculate the acceleration. (Get a range
of times due to reaction time.) To verify their results, I drop the


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I was in a gift shop today. (Mother's Day is Sunday -- don't forget.)
Someone came in looking for a "radar baseball".
The store had one. It measures the speed at which it is thrown.
The package says "displays speed on impact" -- certainly not radar. It
priced at $22.95.
Have any of you seen one of these? Have you ever used one in an
or demo?