Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 10:43:06 -0400

Author: "Robert W. Harris"

Subject: Re: GFCIs


I did that last year with a commercial GFI duplex outlet.
With 15K ohm resistor from hot to ground, it tripped. We went over the
difference between shorting to ground vs. shorting to neutral.

Motivated by the question below, I just tried it with a variac driving the
GFI duples. I had to get up to about 90 volts before the trip occurred
through 15K. However, 6.2K ohms caused it to trip at about 50 volts.

Hmm.. this might be worth investigating further. I wonder how linear the
curve would be.

Bro. Robert W. Harris
Catholic Memorial School

I used a 15k ohm resistor from the hot lead to ground to
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From: George M. Caplan
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Subject: GFCIs

> I am thinking of creating a demo or experiment involving Ground Fault
> Circuit Interrupters.
> Have any of you done this already?
> Anyone know whether GFCIs will work at low voltages e.g. 12 VAC?