Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 10:00:42 -0400 (EDT)

Author: Steve Wonnell

Subject: Re: Job opening...


Hello Taplers,

The University (Johns Hopkins University) has agreed to our
request for permission to hire a third person to provide instructional
support for the first year courses in our Dept. At the moment, there are
two such staff members, and this third position will allow us to
fulfill our mission of providing adequate support for the faculty and
programs in the Dept, and particularly for the first-year courses.

I've been here at JHU for five years now, and the other staff
member has been here for twenty. It is great place to work. We've had
strong support from the faculty & staff, and a great deal of liberty to do
the things that need to be done without much faculty oversight, primarily
because we've been able to anticipate the needs of most faculty members
pretty well. Of course, we in turn have greatly benefited from fellow
PIRA members, the PIRA demo bibliography, the workshops & sessions run by
PIRA at AAPT meetings, and this tap-l forum.

FYI the job description is a bit convoluted because human
resources wanted to make clear the distinction between the grade 40
($36K to $54K) and grade 41 ($40K to $62K) levels. Grade 41 is the first
of the senior staff grades, which provide greater benefits than the lower
grades (with a corresponding increase in responsibility).

On Thu, 18 Apr 2002, Steve Wonnell wrote:

> >From ...
> Requisition #: P-02-6514
> Job Title: General Physics Administrator or Coordinator
> Pay Grade: 40-41
> Status: Full-time
> Hours Worked: 37.5
> Work Week : Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 5:00
> Contact: Homewood Human Resources (410) 516-8048
> Division: School of Arts & Sciences
> Department: Physics & Astronomy Department
> Campus: Homewood
> Location: Bloomberg Center
> Approximate
> Starting Salary: Competitive
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> General Description:
> The General Physics Administrator or Coordinator works as part of a team
> of three people assisting with the operations of the instructional
> laboratories associated with the introductory curriculum in the Department
> of Physics and Astronomy. Once familiar with the department, this person
> will manage the daily and long-term operations of either the
> Lecture-Demonstration or the General Physics Laboratory, which provide
> experiments and demonstrations for over 600 students each semester.
> Requires a person with a strong foundation and formal knowledge of
> experimental physics; the aptitude and skills necessary to translate-by
> conceiving, designing, constructing, maintaining, repairing, and modifying
> apparatus-the concepts of physics into apparatus designed to demonstrate
> or teach these concepts; and the technical, organizational,
> time-management, and communication skills necessary for managing the
> operations of the laboratory and for implementing new apparatus and
> experiments into the curriculum. Must understand the teaching environment
> of a large premier research university. Responsibilities for a pay grade
> 41: develops and implements experiments and demonstrations, including the
> planning, designing, testing, and documenting; maintains, improves, and
> provides user training for new physics lecture demonstration or laboratory
> experiments; communicates with faculty regarding the effectiveness of
> current demonstrations or laboratory experiments and solicits feedback and
> ideas for improvement. If managing the lab: trains teaching assistants;
> develops TA training schedule and syllabus in coordination with faculty,
> academic affairs coordinator, and other team members; conducts TA training
> sessions, monitors TAs and courses, and advises faculty of TA and course
> performance; conducts written course and TA evaluations; assists with the
> placement of TAs; assists supervisor and faculty member in charge of the
> course with planning the overall structure of course offerings, including
> course experiment schedule and syllabus; oversees daily operations,
> including developing protocols, procurement activities, scheduling of lab
> access, and operation of physics education and research equipment;
> participates in long-range planning and budget analysis. If managing
> lecture demonstrations: plans the lecture-demonstration schedule thrice
> yearly in coordination with course faculty. Responsibilities for a pay
> grade 40: oversees the day-to-day activities of the laboratory;
> coordinates physics lecture demonstrations for one or more courses; meets
> with faculty and assures the smooth process of demonstration selection,
> delivery, setup, and takedown; meets schedules and deadlines; monitors
> equipment on a daily basis for proper functioning; diagnoses problems and
> calibrates, repairs, replaces or modifies equipment; resolves conflicts
> arising from demo usage requirements; develops and maintains demonstration
> catalog; assists with movement of equipment as needed; completes annual
> university biohazard/universal precaution/radiation safety training;
> monitors safety standards and proper handling of hazardous chemical and
> biological agents and/or radiation sources; monitors inventory levels and
> proper storage of materials and supplies; monitors equipment performance
> and maintenance schedules; performs routine repairs or replacement of
> standard parts.
> Qualifications:
> Requires good technical writing and drawing skills; ability to
> communicate effectively orally and in writing to faculty, staff, and
> students; knowledge of the use of physics in biology or medicine;
> excellent interpersonal skills; ability to embrace a team-oriented
> approach. NOTE: Laboratory experience may not be substituted for formal
> study of physics. Pay Grade 41: Bachelor's degree in physics, biophysics
> or closely allied subject required with two years of experience teaching
> physics. Pay Grade 40: Bachelor's degree in physics, biophysics, or a
> closely allied subject. A recent college graduate with formal training in
> physics and some teaching experience may be considered. Evidence of
> aptitude, ability, and desire to do the job should be present in their
> application for the position.
> Preferred Qualifications:
> Master's degree in Experimental Physics for pay grade 41.