Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 11:42:36 -0500

Author: Tony Papirio

Subject: Crystal Difraction Simmulators


I am in search of a vendor that would carry a set
"optical crystals". These are not actually crystals, but instead are a
set of glass slides (diffraction plates) which have various patterns of
dots on each. The patterns are arranged to imitate the arrangement of
atoms in a crystal lattice. When a laser is shined onto a slide, an
optical diffraction pattern is projected, which is a visual
representation of the X-ray diffraction pattern generated from a real
crystal with the same lattice arrangement as the slide. They allow a
teacher to demonstrate students the x-ray diffraction patterns
associated with different crystalline structures.
The set I have has an address on it: Bergsten
Diffraction Plates, Palmyra Wisconsin but I have been unable to locate
this company. If anyone knows of another source for these I'd appreciate
knowing what
that source is.



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