Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 17:37:40 -0600

Author: "Paul O. Johnson"

Subject: Re: physics of music


The University of North Texas in Denton has a well respected lecture/lab
course in musical acoustics. I have used some of the experiments in the lab
manual "Surfing the waves of Musical Acoustics" by Russell F. Pinizzotto.
The experiments in the lab manual are: 1. The Elements of Sound Waves, 2.
The Simple Harmonic Oscillator, 3. Vibration Modes, 4. Loudness, Frequency,
and Human Hearing, 5. Reverberation Time, 6. Strings, 7. Pipes and Air
Columns, 8. Vibration Recipes, 9. The Human Voice, 10. Synthesizers,
Computers, and MIDI Madness.


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From: "Kim S. Palermo"
Sent: Wednesday, 20 March, 2002 14:38
Subject: physics of music

> Does anyone know of a college (preferably northeast) that offers a
> summer course in the physics of music? I'm a high school physics
> teacher, but am also an organist. The physics courses I took briefly
> touched on standing waves, etc., but I'd like to find a course that is
> devoted to this subject.
> Any suggestions will be appreciated!
> Kim