Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 09:11:29 -0500

Author: Wolfgang Rueckner

Subject: Re: VDG/Tesla coil


The tesla coil is not static charge at all -- it's an AC voltage. In
brief, it's a step-up transformer with the secondary additionally
tuned to the primary circuit (so that it's a resonant circuit).

>Can any tappers help me with this?
>The VDG and Tesla coil both produce large amounts of charge. The VDG is
>easy to understand how the electrons are placed on the metal dome. Exactly
>how does the Tesla coil work -- getting static charge from 120 V AC? I
>believe there is a step-up transformer inside and that the charge is
>concentrated at the metal tip. But how is charge produced from the outlet
>Also, the Tesla coil is not harmful when touched because the charge
>travels on the surface of your body, not through it. Right?