Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 16:31:56 -0500

Author: Machele Cable

Subject: Re: Demos which make students gasp!


The ballistics cart that throws up the ball, goes through a tunnel and
catches the ball is always a hit here...easy way to make a tunnel: cut the
side out of a plastic rectangular garbage can.

The rocket cart is a hit, too.


Sean Lally wrote:

> It's not often that I get audible "wow"'s from kids, but today's
> demonstration with Chladni plates (particularly the square one) brought
> such a response - the sand was a big hit, but so was a well placed
> strobe light.
> Any other demos really bring down the house where you live? (Actually,
> Bill Berner's show at AAPT was pretty great. Hope some of you got to
> see it.
> Just looking to start a fun thread....

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