Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 17:09:50 -0600

Author: kmatsler

Subject: Re: Electronics Instructional Kits


Tried the CASTLE stuff? starts simple but very conceptual and can be
very "complete"

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Subject: Electronics Instructional Kits

> We're looking to replace our HeathKit electronics training kits. We need
> something that covers basic electronics (ohm's law up through RLC
> and then provides some transistor, diode, and op amp training. Simple is
> better--I actually have a middle-school set from SWITCH ON that is not too
> far off the mark--the picture of the 8-year old kid on the box might be a
> bit of a put down for our students though. [I know...get a different box!]
> The nice features of this kit is that everything is modularized, reusable,
> and everything snaps together. You can build audio amplifiers and radio
> receivers with the set! Problem is, the documentation is gee-whiz--tells
> you how to build it with the parts, but nothing about how it works. While
> we could sit and write our own instruction manual that does this, we would
> rather not! ;-)
> Any recommendations in terms of equipment or companies? We want something
> 'hands-on', therefore would shy away from software based, simulation
> instruction.
> Rick
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